Headphones Types

In Ear Headphones – A simple concept done in a lot of different ways. We have earbuds, insert earphones sometimes referred to as IEM’s or in-ear monitors, clip on, and even neckband headphones in this category.

  • Pros -Portable & affordable though you can get some really nice in ear headphones too.
  • Cons – Sound quality can suffer on certain models. Can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

On Ear Headphones – Not quite full size, these headphones often rest on the ear. Sometimes referred to as supra-aural or ear-pad headphones.

  • Pros – Packable & light weight.
  • Cons – Can be uncomfortable for longer listening sessions.

Over Ear Headphones – Just like it sounds, these headphones go over and around your ears. Sometimes referred to as full size headphones or Circumaural.

  • Pros – Potential for great sound quality and excellent comfort.
  • Cons – Portability is often sacrificed. Can be problematic with earrings, glasses, or certain hair styles.